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Still Here, More or Less

I’m still going through and throwing away or donating many things in moth storage. I’m also still buying things. Specifically, I have bought a couture St John dress from the Real Real, as well as  St John shrug.

I bought this vintage maxi dress and jacket from Dorothea’s Closet. The print is sort of bold for my wardrobe, but I found it very appealing. I also have a trip in the fall which I think it will be great for, assuming it packs without too much wrinkling. It’s vintage polyester, so I won’t know about that until I have it in hand (Dorothea’s Closet is an online merchant–very reputable and the site represents the dresses well, but you can’t touch them until you can touch them!)

In silhouette it’s very similar to the Folkwear beach pyjamas, which I’m making in a navy rayon printed with white and red poppies, and which is nearly complete. Several steps seem intimidating on the first several read-throughs of the instructions, but I just powered through.

The construction of the beach pyjamas has been pretty straightforward. My ability to transfer tailor’s markings is for shit, so the fitting of the bodice to the yoke was tricky. But I did okay and even though I did not make a muslin (internet word on the pattern was that there’s no good way to shorten the waist–my most common adjustment–so I just loosely checked the fit of the Swedish tracing paper for sizing and went with it), it seems to fit okay. I should have checked the length of the trouser leg, as it’s more cropped than I’d like, but I’m happy with them.

Were I to make it again, however, I would definitely use a fabric with a bit of stretch. The shimmy necessary to get in and out of the garment (it’s basically a romper) is impressive and awkward. Going to the lavatory is going to be irritating. I also picked up a caftan pattern, but I can’t find the fabric in storage I wanted to use. I also am not sure I’d really ever wear a caftan anywhere!

I need to sort through more of the bags and boxes and get rid of more things.

I also bought two dresses from the AllSaints end of summer sale which won’t be wearable until the weather returns to pleasant:

Also some mules from Matt and Nat.

I sent back an Everlane t-shirt dress that was lovely but did not suit me.


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