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It’s Nearly June

Today, I have a long day, including a philanthropy meeting. I’m wearing my incredible floral Ella Bakers and a new dress from Nordstrom’s house brand Halogen. It’s really comfortable and I feel pretty good in it. I’ve got a cheap-o jersey shrug (black) with me, in case of air conditioning or a chill when the sun goes down.

I only managed to ride twice this week, once in the pouring rain and once in the fog. I’m not too sorry I could not ride today as it’s sunny and in the 70’s and I’m sure it would have been a drag with all the crowds. Yup, I’m that spoiled by winter conditions. It did motivate me to re-DWR my rain pants and investigate a de-rusting new paint job for Linus. That’s a pretty penny.

Cleaned my sewing room for the first time in months yesterday and it made me itch to get to work. Maybe this long weekend. I’m considering making a Curlew or Bantam vest or dress with a grey linen I found while cleaning up. Although I also found a black jersey sleeveless dress in basically the same style while cleaning up, so I think I might be a little out of hand. I found a gorgeous fabric at Mood that I want to use for another Trapeze (my last Trapeze suffered from an overly stiff choice of fabric–actually, it made a perfectly beautiful dress, just one that holds its volume out in a straight line, rather than a fluid drape) but there’s too much fabric in the house.

I still have not finished this simple 8682 dress for lack of an invisible zipper foot and lack of a conventional zipper the right size/color. I will have to sew up and abandon the pockets, which I drafted without enough space to insert and remove my hands. I also have not finished setting the sleeves into Vogue 7658. My choice of fabric–again–was not the best, though it is what the pattern was drafted for. I should finish it so I can either wear it or abandon it. I’ve got a new size for the 7800 and a new fabric for the 5995 and an adjusted muslin for the 3613 but did not have enough left of the fabric I was going to use. Anyway. Too much on the to do.

I’ve been hanging with friends and doing sashiko embroidery–others are knitting or doing conventional embroidery. I picked up this Uniqlo skirt with a store credit and I’m planning to add some sashiko to it. Possibly flowers or dragonflies along the side seam. Or maybe something along the hem. I have not decided. I find the sashiko pretty relaxing–I hope it goes well when I try to apply it to the skirt.




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