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I was rolling along with my Stowe bags when the bobbin winder on my 50 year old Singer popped off. I was not entirely surprised (when I oiled the machine a few years ago, I found an unexpected washer on the desk after I put it back together) but I was thwarted. Fortunately, I live in Chicago and there are actually more than one relatively conveniently-located shops that service sewing machines. The machine was repaired in one day, but I missed the phone call alerting me it was ready, so I won’t have it back until later this week.

Ureshii shrug in French terry

I took the opportunity of having no sewing machine (Mom offered her other machine to me on a permanent loan and I will likely take her up on it but I won’t be out to my parents’ house for a couple weeks) to sort some anti-moth storage bags. We still have moths–the new traps have caught a few adults already–but we need to purge things and re-organizing our storage unit. We also need to put away the winter blankets and coats (finally), so I’m sorting bags. Slowly. Very slowly.

In a bag largely full of sewing scraps (which I’ll take to the animal rescue for bedding but am not entirely sure why I saved), I found the Eileen Fisher dress I’ve been longing to have back in my closet and the Ureshii thumbloop shrug that I just could not find anywhere. I also filled an entire 12 gallon trash bag with sheets and blankets and other linens to take to Goodwill (while retaining several sheets to use for toiles).

I also found 5 yards of an absolutely amazing black rayon jersey. It was quite wrinkled but not as bad as one might expect from being in a vacuum bag! It’s fluid and beautiful and I should figure out what to do with it but I have a lot of projects on the list right now:

  • Vogue 5995–dropped shoulder slim dress
  • Vogue 7800–A-line with gathered yoke (I have the larger size now, which hopefully will fit)
  • Butterick 3613–semi-fitted A-line with optional jacket (for the olive green silk)
  • Butterick 4265–gathered neck sundress, which I have cut but not sewn
  • Modern Vogue 9273–for the plum Dashing Tweed
  • Simplicity 8682–a Jiffy dress! simple, basic, which is cut and pinned and close to finished

And, you know, a lot of other things, but these keep floating to the top.

Fluevog Operetta Malibran, from

Biked to work today–it’s warmer, overcast, and calm. Uniqlo dress, layering turtleneck, tights, Fluevog Malibrans. More overcoat than I needed but there’s always a chance I’ll need to leave the office during the day. Appointment to see the sports doctor next week–my knee is still complaining after that tumble on the ski slope–I fear being told I need to give up my shoes. Not in the same way I fear real problems, but in the way you fear small problems.


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