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I have cut Simplicity 8682 from a poly rayon print. It’s a simple dress with minimal shaping, no collar, short sleeves. It should be a very quick project but I only got as far as pinning the sleeves in flat. They’re still wrinkly and puckering and I have no confidence they will sew in smoothly, so I stopped after pinning. I did not run ease stitches (although I did run stitches along the edge to finish them) so I may try that and re-pin.

I did not make a muslin for the dress, but rather fitted the tissue against a similar dress that I have, did some measuring and figured it’s fine. The waist marking is low, but there are no slash marks for alteration and there’s no significant waist-shaping. It’s just an A-line, so I’m just going with it as is. It’s such a basic pattern that my major interests in this project are practising sleeves and seeing if I can insert a side pocket with a French dart. I’m vaguely curious about the neckline, as it’s quite high. If it all works nicely, I may make it again.

I also picked up three fabrics for the Grainline Studios Stowe bag: a plaid chambray, a dotted cotton dobby and a rayon linen blend. I may save the linen blend for a dress–it’s nicer than I was expecting for the price. I’m pretty curious about the bag. Like a lot of people who’ve blogged about it, I’m not crazy about the bias tape finishing. Instead of lining it, however, I think I’m going to do a facing that reaches to just below the pocket top. I don’t even know what I’m making them for. I don’t knit and my friends’ plans for stabby stitch circles have never materialized (thus my sashiko is neatly stored in a drawer). I have plenty of grocery bags and resuables stashed in the house, in my office, with my purses. Still bags are always useful. The pattern was not cheap, but the fabrics were all discount.

And I hope they’ll be quick and satisfying, though. I could use that.


Real Real was having a sale and I bought a really nice St John jacket with leather details. As always happens when I wear St John, I felt amazing–dumb, but true. I paired it with my Misook skirt, which is fine, as my St. John skirts are still in moth storage. The jacket has a very subtle jacquard diamond. It’s great!

I also bought a DvF cotton dress which fits a little weird in the shoulder (like all DVF on me) but fits and was $35. I will likely take it to the tailor with my Queen Mary dresses for tailoring and see if it’s worth having adjusted. I’ve already decided it’s not worth the return.



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