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My Schedule is Dumb

I don’t even know if I’m coming or going anymore. I managed to bike today–it was drizzling slightly, but warm and not crowded. I wore the Nau rain pant over my tights with my skirt tucked up in my jacket. I think I misread the weather app, though, because I thought there was no real chance of rain, just some vague misting.

I’m wearing the Top Shop tank dress and the grey Trouvé sweater. The black patent flats.

Last weekend I muslined the 1970 Vogue 7800. It fit through the bust and waist (I graded the hips slightly) but I could not get the yoke across my shoulders for love nor money. Also, my elbows barely went through the sleeve, forget my bicep. I found a seller for the pattern in the larger bust size and will try again. It’s a very cute dress and I’d love to use my tissue wool for it.

I also prepped 5995, but got sidetracked before cutting the muslin. I very much hope it fits. I have such a nice stripe fabric for it.

I am worried about the hips and have copied the pattern onto Swedish tracing paper to grade them out, so we’ll see.

I got sidetracked making a PVC half shirt with reflective trim for a friend’s cyberpunk-themed party this weekend. It’s too hacked-together for my liking, but I think it turned out okay and will more than do for the purpose.

I also picked up this modern Vogue which is the new front runner for the plum Lumatwill.

Also, I saw a woman at a conference wearing the internet famous “Jardigan” and I’m going to buy it. It’s expensive, but I’ve been looking at Misook jackets on a regular basis and not pulling the trigger because the patterns are just not going to have longevity with me. But the jardigan looks like the same sort of knit and it’s a solid color with stitching detail and it was lovely. I think the shorter length is best for me, but I’m ordering both to make the decision. I’m going with black for now–I anticipate it to go nicely with a couple Eileen Fisher dresses I have (and the one bouclé version I made of my Eileen Fisher dress). I may re-up with another color later.


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