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Monday, Quite Cold

I am dressed entirely in synthetics today (spandex, acrylic, nylon), save my wool overcoat, gloves and hat. And I am cold. Cold. I just can’t get warm, though I have as many layers (camisole, shirt, sweater, tights, pants) as usual. I manage to screw this up at least once a winter. And it annoys me.

At least I was on the bus today. We’ve had a lot of snow but the roads and path are clear and it was sunny today. But it was cold and I’m still not recovered from the flu (or flu-like virus) we’ve had. Of course, the irony is: if I had ridden, I would have been better dressed.

I stopped in at Uniqlo on my way back to the office from the post office. Heattech was on sale, so I bought a couple camisoles ($5.90) and leggings ($9.90), plus a wool turtleneck (also $9.90).


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