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Monday, Cold

I am nearly finished with the cape. After struggling with the buttonhole, I’ve reached a point where it’s functional and not too unattractive. Now all that’s left is hemming (the lining–I have already hemmed the cape. The lining needs to be turned then strategically catch-stitched to the cape) and pressing. It needs some real pressing. It’s a shame I don’t have good pressing tools, but I do have a good iron now.

I almost managed to finish a matching beret on Sunday, but I got tired and did not want to rush. I had a devil of a time finding a blue velveteen that matched the plaid. In the end I had to go with a navy which is closer to the black bits in the plaid than the blue bits. It will be fine, however; it’s just the band, most of the beret is the plaid. I love a beret.

I also plan to make the Vogue 5640 “halo beret”. I’ll make it entirely from the velveteen and just make the bow from the plaid. I have a great deal of plaid left. I’ll probably make a nice a-line skirt.

I spent the whole weekend in (except for a quick run to the grocery on Saturday in my burgundy NYDJ jeans and a Smartwool sweater). I worked from home on Thursday. On Wednesday, I worked from home, but had an evening meeting–to which I wore the Top Shop black midi dress and my striped t-shirt. It was quite warm in the meeting room.

Biked to work this morning, which was quite cold. The trail is not as well plowed as it has been in years past, which is frustrating. I’m wearing the Ibex nomad trousers, lots of top layers (with the Saks house brand cashmere crewneck sweater in green as the outermost layer). My feet and hands stayed cold for quite a while this morning.


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