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Cold, Busy, More Cold, More Busy

I did manage to bike to work three times this month–once when it was frigid, once when it was warm and once when it was snowy. I’ve been wearing my Nau ski jacket over the Icebreaker wool hoodie for biking. It was too warm for the warm day but good the other two. My Merrell waterproof boots don’t seem too waterproof anymore. I tried to fix that, but I feel I’ve failed.


Morning, bridge over harbor


Evening, bridge over harbor

I have not been in the office much, though I’ve been running around a lot. I’m afraid I have not been paying attention to what I’ve been wearing. It’s the same three sweaters, anyway, because it’s been very cold and everything else is still locked up.

Tonight I’m going out for a friend’s birthday. I plan to wear the Leith hobble skirt, leggings, a silk undershirt, and a grey cotton sweater I pulled out of a deflated off-season moth bag.  A lot of things in that bag went straight to the donate bin because I’d not worn them the whole time they were available to me.

This, too, has heightened my frustration with everything being inaccessible. If I get a free day, maybe I’ll pick a random bag and do some sorting.

But I’d like to use my free days this weekend to finish the cape, which is very nearly done.



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