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Almost and Almost

Last week was crazy busy, so it was not practical to ride. The weather was beautiful and I was sorry. Today was a high gale warning, so I did not ride and am sorry.

Over the weekend, I finished piecing the new Vogue dress. I added shaping darts at the back after testing the fit. Then I had to unpick the lining which I had nicely attached to finish the neck because I had not included the hood. That made me feel really dumb but very glad I had done no work on the cape this weekend. I was clearly making stupid mistakes.

I used the cord method to gather the hood and it was brilliant (I used embroidery thread). But I was a little careless with the hood placement and it’s not quite symmetrical at the front collar.

I’m sorry I did not add a pocket in the seam (it’s not too late, so I should just do it). My zipper is also going to be much shorter than illustrated (actually, I don’t even need the zipper, but it’s clearly a stylistic feature and very much adds to the late-60’s vibe of the pattern). If I make it again, however, I will put a zipper the whole way for the style.

Ultimately, I think my fabric is a bit stiff for the project. So I am very nervous about the sleeves. I probably should have sewn them flat, but that’s too much to go back and do now. I think I’m going to really like it finished and can see myself making it again in something less “stiff” and more “crisp”. It would work in a ponte, too, so I could do that. Maybe even add thumb cuffs.

In the last week, I’ve worn the Betabrand Get Your Shift Together dress (which I love), my new Ureshii merino tank dress (layered), my beloved Icebreaker tankdress (layered), my new Ureshii wool shrug with my Eileen Fisher hemp t-shirt dress (it’s been warm for December), my Eileen Fisher brown wool shift dress, and a lot of Yoga pants, gym clothes and lounging around the house clothes. I have a wishlist at Ureshii which I should just discipline myself to save for, especially since I have a credit from the tank dress (it’s a maxi and I asked for it to be knee-length)

I washed my Outlier rainpants and they seem to be properly shedding water again. I do have spray to refresh it and boot finish to re-waterproof my Merrells. That’s on the to-do list, as well as repairing the pocket in my lightweight winter coat, and a number of forgotten things. But I’d really like to finish the cape and the Vogue dress this weekend.


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