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What I wear, when I wear it, and how it works on my bike


So the Princess Leia costume worked out pretty well. I wore it to our Halloween party and had only a slight problem with the pockets. The wig will need to be re-done if I’m to wear it again in the future, but I’ll wait to start that until November, just in case I end up with more Halloween plans.

The hood just does not stay up, however, likely due to the China silk lining.

Next up is the mohair cape. I’ve changed my mind again about which pattern to use. This time, I’m settled on the Simplicity 7544. It is the most simple, among other things. I’m more than a little apprehensive about matching the plaid and I’m trying to decide if I can just cut on the fold, instead.

I have two options for the lining, a beautiful raspberry silk and a perfectly serviceable blue polyester. I’m torn. The cape won’t be washable (the mohair is not), so it does not matter that the silk isn’t, and, since it’s outerwear, the lining won’t get much perspiration on it, like a dress would.  So it should not need much laundering. But maybe I should use the silk for a dress, not hide it away as a lining. But it would be so lush to line the cape with the silk.

I’ve purchased a heavy-weight viscose jersey in a color similar to the silk to make a dress–Simplicity 7983 (left). The viscose has only a moderate stretch but I’m wondering if it’s too fluid for the pattern I’ve chosen, which calls for cotton, linen, or even a lightweight wool. The 8430 calls for a moderate stretch jersey, but I don’t like it as much.

7983 is cut in a single piece with a flared skirt, where 8430 is princess-seamed–that’s the most significant difference.

As usual, I pick a project and suddenly all my weekend days fill up!


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