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Friday is My Day!

Rode a couple days recently–it’s still crowded but at least much of the construction is done. I have not been able to lock up in “my” spot, which is more irritating than I want it to be. We’re in the part of the year that used to be reliably cool and now has ever-more-frequent “freak” heat waves. It makes having to rotate my clothes through vacuum storage even more annoying.

I’ve been working on my halloween costume which is almost finished. It needs hemming and I need to decide if I’m going to correct the sleeve, which fits, but is not accurate.  I’m also not happy with how the belt turned out and am considering trying something from a shop.  I am, however, pretty pleased with the whole thing.

My Ureshii order arrived and I have worn the shrug a lot since. The merino blend is quite nice and since the weather is still dithering, it’s great to have a versatile layer. I should order a couple more shrugs from them. I returned most of my latest Nordstrom order, part of my recent Uniqlo order, and am trying to decide whether to keep some short boots and one sweater dress.

I don’t know if I need the dress, but I know I’ll wear it. One boot is a short waterproof fashion boot (e.g., it does not look like a snow boot) and the other is a short velveteen floral boot. Given the condition of my short Merrells, the waterproof boot is probably a good idea. Of course, the velveteen seems more inviting!


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