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Thursday, I don’t Even Know Anymore

I rode to work this week but it was hot and aggravating. Last week, I mostly worked from home; next week I’ll be in a beach house, lounging by the pool. I hope to avoid as much conversation as possible. We’ll see.

Meanwhile in the last three weeks, I’ve bought another pair of these (now sold out in black and navy) H&M side zip slacks. I’m already sorry I did not stockpile them, even though they are a little short (they’re supposed to be ankle pants but on me they basically come all the way down but not as much as I’d like). I had a pair in a nicer fabric which I bought at Ann Taylor in the mid-90s when I still liked Ann Taylor. Barring the $350 St John wool pants, those Ann Taylor flat-front side-zip pants are the only pants I have ever bought, worn and liked wearing. They’ve long since left my wardrobe (they wore out or I changed sizes or something) and I have been searching for a replacement for years. I have them in navy, black and a floral.

Years ago, I bought a pattern (McCall’s 6440) and some navy moleskin to make my own but I’ve been intimidated and have not tried. The moleskin is currently locked away in moth storage. Maybe I’ll try again this fall. If things ever settle down and I ever have free time in the sewing room again.

But also, in shopping, I picked up some more bra top camisoles at Uniqlo; some linen t-shirts at the Gap; a dress with cropped cardigan at Lands End. This latter was probably unnecessary but I’ve gotten decent use out of it already.

I cut a muslin for the Butterick 4265. Apparently, I traced the pattern months ago, so I could shorten the waist and deal with the French darts which run the entire body length in front. I apparently also graded it out through the hips but the shape of the pattern (post grading) was terrible. We’ll see what happens when I sew the muslin. If I ever get around to it.

I’ve been rotating through the few things in my closet; yet I still have not given away the bags of discard clothes.

And that’s the theme, isn’t it? I’m too mentally exhausted to bike to work in this heat, construction and congestion. I’m too busy, so my down time is limited and I’m usually not able to sew on my days off.



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