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Long Weekend, Short Week, Weekend Again

It was 57 degrees the last Monday in June and supposed to rain in the afternoon, so I biked. It was still crowded. I used the showers at work which I think makes me even later than taking the bus. I wore my Chiaki top and the Misook pants which is like being in pyjamas. That’s nice.

I finished inserting the zipper. The seam allowances were off for the lap, so I had to add hem tape (Gertie adds a placket and I may start doing that, although the hem tape worked just fine). In the end, I hand-picked the zipper to the lap, after machine stitching the zipper to the hem tape/seam allowance only. It’s not the prettiest insertion ever but I think it’s sturdy and it looks nice from the outside.

Bathroom selfie!

Over the weekend, I finished the dress (the hem is awkward) and did a quick fit of the jacket without sleeves. Otherwise, I did a significant amount of nothing which was both just what I needed and a thing I feel guilty about.

I wore the dress to work today–the linen is a rumpled mess and I think I fit the muslin with a significantly different bra because it wears rather loose in the chest which I don’t recall from the muslin (As I’ve chopped up the muslin to fit the jacket, I can’t re-check it!). But I felt comfortable in it all day.  The fit is marginally better than ready to wear, which for now, is what I aim for. I do need to start adding the square shoulder adjustment, in addition to shortening the waist, when I make up patterns, but I already see where I’m improving. That’s something.


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