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Monday, Days Just Blur

Dramatic bar lighting (Top Shop midi dress)

It got suddenly unbearably hot. Months earlier than it’s supposed to be hot. I swapped some clothes around–we still have moths and exterminators don’t seem keen to take the job and they’re rather vague about the implications for the cats. It’s frustrating. But it’s definitely time to wash the wools and put them away. And it’s definitely time to find some sundresses and lighterweight work clothes. I also ended up with several bags of things to go away forever. So that’s a good thing.

I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of the H&M side-zip pants lately and the Uniqlo dresses. Went out with my friends recently, wearing the TopShop midi. I also have a new sunhat that I’ve been getting a lot of use out of and carrying my sunbrella. Trying to get used to sandals again. And shoes without tights.

I should probably store my jackets now, as I have not needed one at night in a week or so, but I hate being caught without a light jacket. And it truly is cooler by the Lake. And it’s cooler again now, on Monday, and I wish I were wearing tights. I wish I had a good place to drop in and buy great tights.

I worked on the grey linen sundress (Simplicity 8882 ©1970) this weekend, coming quite close to finishing it. I got sidetracked by a migraine and then indecision on whether to lap the zipper or just sew it. I don’t have an invisible zipper foot, so I won’t be using an invisible zipper. I’m inclined to lap the zipper, but will have to practice once or twice before I do that and that will slow things down. It’s so close to finished, but just sitting there. Undone.

The first slowdown came from trying to learn how to add a gusset to the sleeve, so I abandoned the sleeve and chose to make this jacket instead. It’s short and open, so the lifting of the garment when raising my arm is not such a big deal. Also a removable layer is great going from inside to outside in summer.

Simplicity 7952 ©1968

The second slowdown came from the front darts. They run from the bust to the hip and when I did my short-waisted adjustment, they got really messed up, with the bottom half of the dart about 1/2 inch off from the top half of the dart. After some messing around, I re-drafted the dart on a piece of Swedish tracing paper and pinned it to the pattern.

However, as always, I had a devil of a time trying to get the markings transferred which was giving me pause because I’m trying to make sure this dress turns out well. In the end, I used a piece a tissue paper to trace the redrafted dart and then pinned it to the cut fabric. I made knots at the dots, then using contrast thread sewed basting stitches along the dart. Then I ripped off the tissue paper, clipped and sewed the dart with regular length stitches and matching thread. Beautiful accurate darts! Much better than the darts on the lining.

Now comes the third slowdown, which is the zipper dilemma. I’ve also decided to do away with the facings, either by using the lining or by using bias binding. I don’t think I’ll ever use facings again. Facings are miserable and bias binding is cheap.  And I’m still considering doing a little sashiko embroidery to liven the dress up.




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