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Long Weekend, Sleeves

I fussed around with the gusset for most of today and could not make any sense of it, honestly. It’s a bit frustrating, and I suspect I need in person assistance. Or a pattern that has a gusset in it. The only one I have is a kimono sleeve and I could not make any more sense of it (even with some tutorials) than the set-in sleeve tutorials.

I went ahead and cut out the dress in the grey linen and discovered that it probably needs a lining. That’s fine because it means I can finish the neck with the lining in stead of a facing. I went with a lawn, instead of polyester, to keep the breathability of the fabric, and instead of silk, to keep it washable.

I still have not decided whether to add the sleeve or not. I plan to find a woven shirt and practice inserting the gusset without having to set a sleeve first. The tutorials all involve inserting a gusset to a finished garment, not drafting and planning one as part of the initial construction.

I have a modern Uniqlo ponte knit dress which despite being a stretch fabric has an underarm gusset with a set-in sleeve. It’s rectangular on one end, rather than diamond shaped, though.  It looks like it might actually be easier to hack together and I think I might try it. I failed to get a shirt to practice on over the weekend but I think if I have to both sew a sleeve cap and wrestle with a gusset, I’d do nothing but weep.  Alternately, I could just ignore the puckers and gathers in a poorly-set sleeve cap and practice on the dress’s actual muslin, which seems like the best idea.

It’s a nice dress, though I wish it had pockets.  If it were offered in a color other than navy and black, I would have bought a couple. Not sure if I want to try adding them to something with serged seams, however.

I wore yet another $5-on-sale Uniqlo dress (short sleeve, slight a-line t-shirt dress with stand collar and–also–not pockets) over to friends’ to sit outside and drink Saison. Turns out that was the best weather day of the weekend. I also stitched the letters “persist” onto the front of a t-shirt for wearing to summer marches. I watched a lot of streaming television with cats sleeping in my lap. It was quiet and solitary and I needed it.




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