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Monday, Let’s Be Cheerful

I’m wearing the Uniqlo a-line dress and the Adriana Beezie loafers. It’s a beautiful day but not only is the road between my house and work under construction, so is the bike path. Thus, I’m on the bus all the time. I’m spending so much money on bus fare; I’m so low energy; and I’m late to work every morning. I need to start riding again but I’m so exhausted all the time I just don’t have the mental energy necessary to deal with both drivers and the collapse of the American government.

On the other hand, I’m using my bus ride to read The Revolution Has Come.

I’ve also been reading as much as I can find about sleeves, particularly about the insertion of underarm gussets because the grey linen dress (Simplicity 8882) is ready to sew but I want to use the short sleeve and I want to be able to raise my arm. I got a subscription to Threads, to access come of their excellent articles on the subject of sleeves, but I think I might need a reference book or a class. I hope to spend this weekend practicing. Which is not as satisfying as finishing the dress but if if improves the quality of the finished dress, I’m all for it. I think I might lap the zipper, too, which is another thing to practice.

The pattern is lovely, plus I got to work out how to adjust the long dart when I shortened the waist. I’d also like to do a little shashiko around the neckline (I’m making version 6–there are so many versions because bot the back and front necklines have multiple options) because otherwise it might be a little drab in the grey.  Or I could do some binding on the neckline, hem and sleeve to bring a little color. After making my #resist/#persist sashes, I’ve gotten much better at sewing binding on edges and facings are so vexing.

I’ve also bought one fast fashion dress for the summer from Zara. I had it shipped to the store so I’ve not tried it on yet.  I imagine it’s rather sack-like but expect it to generally fit. My hope is that there’s enough fabric at the hem that I can shorten it and make a  sash belt. If not, I’ll buy some blue cotton and make one.


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