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What I wear, when I wear it, and how it works on my bike

Monday, Springtime

The commute was crowded. Not surprising because it’s been warm and sunny for a streak of days now and it seems be staying there. It means I’ll need to swap out my moth-storage.  The idea of just throwing away everything in storage is appealing. I’ve been fine without it–if bored, if frustrated, if annoyed. I’ve been appropriately clothed for a range of activities, but even with only a few things out, I’ve not worn a couple of things in my closet all winter (one, my houndstooth cape, I did not wear because I did not have anything to wear with it) I guess I don’t like them and don’t want to wear them or they have so specific a use or need that it’s a waste to keep them around.

Over the weekend, I marched in the Icebreaker tank dress, leggings and the Born boots, which are falling apart already (though I guess I bought them in November 2015, still, I have some shoes & boots that are 20 years old) . That’s annoying. I should probably buy some desert combat boots; I have also ordered various cargo pants because there will be more marches and it’s getting warmer and I don’t want to be carrying a purse or other bag with me. Hopefully one pair will fit, have reasonable pocket-space and not be too heavy for warm weather!

I struggled with the Vogue hats over the weekend–for one the instructions were vague; for the other, my sewing machine kept acting up. I also stared a lot at patterns and the small assortment of fabrics I have out right now and was not sure what to do next.

I wore the Loft space-dyed dress with tights and the Sharons, today.  There’s a box of Eileen Fisher dresses at home that I need to try on and decide whether or not to return, like I did with the box of shift dresses I ordered from Nordstrom prior to our Spring fundraiser. Those all went back.

Vogue 7613

Which does not bode well for Vogue 7613, which I kept out fabric to make. I’d love to completely abandon all notion of what does and does not “work for my body” but that’s not going to happen. If I’m lucky, I’ll have time to make a bunch of muslins this weekend.  But on Sunday, I’m volunteering with an immigration law project.



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