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Sunday, It’s April!

It was a long weekend–we had guests; I had a day off; other things. I wore the Betabrand Get Your Shift Together dress, the Eileen Fisher dress with thumbloops, the Uniqlo A-line dress, and my Icebreaker layering jacket all weekend. Various shoes, mostly my Hunter rainboots, which are not great for so much walking as they are a little large.

I almost finished the Vogue 7674 but I did not get to the belt. I am so very slow with the hemming and the trying to get facings to stay in place and all of the finishing. But I think I’ll be happy with it, even though the zipper is wrong. It’s probably too late to start on the cape, though I probably will anyway. We have actually seen one or two live moths, so I should probably start washing and packing away the winter clothes I have out and not make something out of a wool blend.

Two of the new pattern acquisitions arrived, too, and I’m very excited to start making the turbans. Just half a yard of 45″ fabric! If I had access to my stash, I could have started already!



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