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Monday, I can Never Catch Up

Rode this morning in a fog so thick I had to dry my pants under the handdryers when I got to work. I keep a complete change of clothes (underthings included!) in my office, but I was not that damp and I did not feel like changing. I was happy with how quickly the pants dried, being super-synthetic Misook pants.

Otherwise, I almost finished Vogue 7674 this weekend. Two things tripped me up: 1) the zipper insertion went badly and 2) the belt piece is like 8 inches too short (how? when the dress fit beautifully). Also, I bought a lovely violet slubbed satin that matches the plaid for the cape I intend to make to go with the dress but can no longer recall whether I meant to use it for the belt, to bind the edges of the cape or to make another dress? Fortunately, I can measure how much yardage I bought (not enough for a second dress), so I suspect I bought it for the belt and cape binding. So much for my attempts at recordkeeping! At any rate, the dress just needs hemming and some finishing on the seams. It looks nice, except for the part of the zipper that annoys me. I look forward to wearing it.

I’ve picked up a few more patterns and lots of swatches, despite my best intentions not to contemplate new projects until I’ve finished one or two in progress items.


I have finished #resist sashes, for marches and protests. That was fun and quick and used up some scraps from muslins that have been cluttering up the sunroom.

I also mended some moth-eaten base layers, sewed a button back on to the Spouse’s pants but I have not gotten around to sewing a modesty strap to my wrap dress (to hold the skirt closed when I sit) or sewed the button back on my jacket.

The next several weeks are super busy and I’m not sure I’ll have time to myself in the sewing room, but I’d like it.





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