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What I wear, when I wear it, and how it works on my bike


I had a work thing on Friday so I wore the St John boyfriend jacket and the pants. I was warm and I felt classy. So there’s that. Because I was feeling exhausted and generally low, I rode the bus. That’s dumb because riding would have made me feel better–it was sunny (if cold) and clear (no wind) and the days are longer now, which means it will be crowded soon. I did wear cute shoes, though, which always helps.

bondgirlinstaThursday, I worked from home but had lunch with Mom & my sister. I wore the Ibex sweat pants and the Nau grey tshirt. Wednesday I was at work but did not ride because I went out with friends. I wore the Bond girl boots and some clothes but clothes are irrelevant with the Bond girl boots. The goal was to feel better about the world and while I always feel good about my friends, I’m not sure it’s possible to feel better about the world.

projectsI did a little muslin/project management in the sewing room this weekend. I cut the toile for the navy tweed jacket and fussed around with the how-to-make-the-cape-reversible-but-only-a-single-layer problem. I settled on a simpler cape pattern (and discovered the McCall’s cape pattern is missing the collar!)

I can’t decide whether or not to eliminate the back seam on the cape. It’s got a center back seam to keep the pieces on grain, but that means another seam to conceal and plaids to match. I think the slight off-grain that comes from cutting on the fold is okay but I don’t know. I mean, it’s just a cape. It won’t explode or fail to stay on my shoulders if it’s off-grain but will it annoy me constantly? Again, I don’t think that it will but I don’t know. The fabric is quite heavy and bulky with not much drape. I’m going to play with it and try to get a sense, but I just don’t know. I figure bias binding for the edges to make the reversible work. I’ll have to hand-stitch the pockets or live with top stitching. I could skip them but pockets are great. And I’d still like to draft a collar. As I recall these collar instructions were good.

The instructions for the welts on the arm openings are rudimentary and I’m not sure how they’ll look on both sides. So that’s going to take some practice runs. Maybe I should just look into a million yards of bias binding for everything (I actually measured, it’s about five yards). I wonder if grosgrain ribbon would work? Probably not because the edges are curved, but it would work for the armholes.

I lost momentum on Sunday, but I made progress for the first time this year.



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