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I Don’t Even Know Anymore

It’s hot; then it’s cold. It rains; then it drizzles snow for days.

In the last week, I had two doctors appointments; I went to yoga; I took the commuter train to Wisconsin and back for a night of karaoke; I went to a fundraiser for the ACLU and Planned Parenthood; I made a series of phone calls to my elected representatives; I went to a letter-writing party to contact a variety of politicians; I ran errands; I did some household chores; I rode Linus to and from work; I went to resist Tuesdays. I did not make it to three lectures I wanted to attend and I tried (and failed) to sign up for an attorney shift at O’Hare.

Working backward, today, I wore the bright chartreuse Eileen Fisher sweater and black pants. I thought it was colder today than it was, so I was a little warm. I had to be downtown at the end of the day, so I left Linus on home.

img_20170130_163327Monday, I wore the Ibex wool pants with the merino sweatshirt sweater. I rode Linus and was super-warm when I got home, so I sat in the yard for a while, after taking off all my outer layers. It’s staying brighter later already.

To the fundraiser, I wore the Icebreaker tank dress with a sweater and leggings and lost my gloves. To the letter writing party, I wore the Eileen Fisher hemp t-shirt dress, no sweater. To commuter karaoke, I wore the Eileen Fisher grey dress with thumbloops. I had more work clothes in there, but I’ve forgotten what they were. It’s hard to focus on my closet right now, not just because most of it is still mothballed but also because everything is such a mess, everywhere.

I did try to work on the navy dashing tweed toiles this weekend, but I could not focus. I have intentionally blocked off this weekend to try. But I have to work on Friday, unusually.


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