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Tuesday, Proper Tire Inflation

uniqlofeltedskirtMonday I rode Linus to work and was too warm in my light coat and wool hoodie. I was wearing the Uniqlo wool skirt with a merino crewneck. The ride was fine and there was an unexpectedly respectful cab for the in-traffic portion.

Today, I am wearing the NYDJ pants with the unstainable henley and there was a jerkass cab honking at me the whole time for the in-traffic portion. I know you’re there, dickweed, shut up. I wore a lighter weight jacket today and it was a better choice.

Monday, I got the box full of things I ordered with my Mood gift certificate and I hope to do some sewing in the coming weekends, but I am very very busy with protests and letter-writing and community meetings.

I got this lovely wool tweed that seems a better choice for use with the navy dashing tweed. But now I have enough coordinating tweed to make *two* dresses and fill in the side panels/sleeves, if I’m short with the reflective tweed.


Navy and gray luxury tweed


pinstriped polyester lining

I’ve also finally got the toggles for the magenta dashing tweed (and I’ve toiled that vest and a matching dress), so I should get started making the navy toiles.

McCalls2118-1969I also bought a blue crepe that matches the plaid mohair and I’m planning to make a dress of the crepe and a cape of the mohair. Two friends suggested I make the cape reversible, which I would love to do but the pattern is for a lined cape and the mohair needs to have the edges finished or it will fray. I’ve been puzzling for days over ways to finish the edges (and the armholes!) in such a way that the cape can be reversible. But I just can’t figure out which side of the cloth I prefer and it would be a real shame to cover either side with a lining. So toiling and problem-solving is the next step.




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