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New Week, New Plans

Monday, we had a lunch date and I wore the new olive merino crewneck over the grey TopShop tank dress. It poured rain.

Tuesday, I had a work lunch date and I wore the funnel neck flannel dress from Uniqlo. Then another lunch on Wednesday, to which I wore something I’ve already forgotten. On Thursday, I went to work, then to a post-courthouse-wedding dinner for friends and to Karaoke Club. I made it an early night because Friday we had a lot of home improvement work plans.

We detoured buying supplies and I picked up some thread and hemtape. Then we did manual labor all day which was exhausting but just about right.

womensmarchSaturday, I marched all day. It was an utterly bizarre 57 degrees and bright sunny. I wore my Get Your Shift Done dress with my Planned Parenthood beanie and my Icebreaker hoodie.

It’s Sunday now and I’m still tired. I have spent my Mood gift certificate, but I don’t have the fabrics yet. Ive made some plans, though.



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