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2017, Already Trying One’s Patience

bar-mittsIt was single digits all week, but I can’t find my heavy duty cycling gear in the anti-moth storage nor can I locate where I put the tights made of actual wool. I was finally motivated to buy bar mitts, though, which should make the missing windproof cycling gloves irrelevant.

Biked to work on Tuesday, which was not terribly cold nor windy and it was a little crowded coming home. Went out on Wednesday, which was bitterly cold, but so much fun. I wore the Betsey Johnson plaid dress over a turtleneck and tights. For work, I’ve worn the new knit wrap dress (which I still need to sew a skirt stay to) and the NYDJ pants with the Eileen Fisher silk turtleneck and my new wool cardigan jacket (Christmas gift from Mom).

mohairboucleMom and Dad also gave me a Mood gift certificate so I have a bunch of swatches. Decisions, decisions. Today I think I will finish the muslin for Advance 8713 and start one for Vogue 7674. I have this amazing boucle which I’d love to see as a dress and this pattern has no real seam matching.


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