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Time Off

It was single-digits all week mid-December but it was the dumb work schedule that kept me off my bike. I would have been warmer cycling because all my really heavy-duty winter clothes are still in moth lockdown. I’ll have to do some unpacking this weekend. Even if the cold snap breaks, it’ll be back.

It was a stressful week, so I did some online window shopping and saw a dress with embroidery which I thought was wonderful. But I did not buy it. Then, while running a real errand, I went past the store selling it. Of course, it was not embroidery, but just a sewn-on patch, and much less lovely and I was glad I had not bought it but now I wanted to learn to embroider!

uniqloosweatflareraglanThen it was a short week before Christmas and I bought underwear and a dress. It was not until I got the dress home that it occurred to me that it was similar to the Simplicity 7673 which I was unable to fit. I’m interested to compare the pattern pieces. I found the dress comfortable and easy to wear, but I’m not actually sold on the neckline for me, as nice at is in the design.

Simplicity 6273–which I also have–appears more similar to the Uniqlo than 7673. Both the finished dress and the 6273 have a front panel piece for the dress and no darts, unlike the 7673 which is cut in one with waist and bust dart. The 6273 ends in pleats at the skirt but I don’t imagine it would be too difficult to remove them.

I got a constellation quilt pattern for Christmas. They’re designed for single use, but I wonder if I could trace it onto the Swedish paper. My plan is to make a half-circle skirt.

Zara dress against similar pattern.

Zara dress against similar pattern.

I tissue-fitted the McCall’s 3017 against a similar dress I have in the closet. There’s a couple inches difference between the pattern and the dress. I’m not surprised because the finished dress is made from a fabric with almost 2 inches of stretch. I only have muslin for test garments, which of course has no stretch at all, so I stopped here for now. It still leaves me without a dress to make for the magenta tweed vest.

I’m considering Advance 8713 which I think would be too tight in woven but might work with minor adjustments in a ponte. It does have the dreaded underarm gusset, however. This simple Vogue (5814) is in the running, too. I have not hit on something yet that I think is perfect.

I also have not done any work on the blue tweed project, though I’ve picked up more swatches. ALWAYS more swatches.




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