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Monday, Snow and More Snow

There’s lots of snow. My snow bike is repaired and ready to ride but my week’s schedule is such that I’m not riding. Which makes me sad because the world is such a place of despair that a little snow riding would go a long way to making me feel better.

wineponteknitmoodI finished the muslin for the Magenta Raver Tweed vest. The fit is basically OTR-good, which is basically my skill level, so I’m basically satisfied. I muslined the matching dress and the fit was less okay but more to the point, I don’t like the style of the dress–it’s a dress I’d not pick up in a store, so I won’t be making it. I’m digging through the patterns to figure out what to make with the more than 6 yards of coordinating knits I have.  There’s a couple McCall patterns (2468 from 1970, 3017 from 1971) and a Simplicity (8441 from 1969) which might work. I think the 2468 with the long sleeve, keeping the patch pockets.

I want to try this Advance from 1959, too, but it won’t work with the vest because of the batwing sleeve.

2488102808_1_1_1We had an epic organizational meeting today, so I wore my magnificent Ibex wool sweatpants (the Nomad pant which do not look like sweats, honestly) and a t-shirt and my Icebreaker hoodie. I was cozy. I changed into the Zara dress (my only available party dress right now) for celebrating a friend’s birthday. I love this dress so much. The 3017 is basically the same dress, though I had envisioned making the shorter length, so maybe I should go with that. I had this dress (in a short sleeve, plain black jersey) all through college and wore it to shreds.



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