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Tweeds, Muslins, Rain and Lights

Over the weekend I cut and sewed a muslin for the reflective tweed vest with a self-drafted pocket. The pocket worked out very nicely, but it was pretty clear from the outset that I’d chosen the wrong size. On the other hand, the construction was easy and it took only half the day to trace, cut and sew it up. Even with the facings, hem and other finishing, it should be only a weekend project.

vespertineblossombroochI got suckered into a cyber Monday sale–and purchased a scarf at Vespertine made from the magenta reflective tweed. I hard a hard time passing it up. I also bought another flower brooch.

It was drizzling but warm today. I biked in relative solitude which was a very welcome respite and almost made up for the weirdness of light rain instead of flurries. I wore the tank dress and the green cashmere crewneck with my nice plaid tights. My feet got soaked through my boots because of puddles.

Butterick2243-1962I’m anxiously awaiting my other swatches. Some more blue wools and another wine colored jersey. I’m considering using the mauve wool for this ambitious dress, if the tweeds go well.



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