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We’re going to Hamilton! An American Musical on Wednesday and I just don’t know what to wear. I went into the vacuum bags to look for something and ended up adding a few more things to the donate bag and bringing out my acid green velvet jacket.

I should have put the velvet things in the mothballs because it’s hopelessly wrinkled and velvet is hard to press without crushing it. Fortunately, a good brushing and steam rebounded the nap, but there are crease lines which have not yet fallen out. There’s also a stain on the lapel (grrrr!) but I’ll put a brooch over it then take it to the cleaner for help.

I’m not sure what dress to wear under the jacket but I’ll figure it out.
In the end, I wore the cold-shoulder top and a black pencil skirt and the super high sneaker boots. Love those boots.

I ordered more clothes, which I may or may not keep:

mattyfitflare 3519115800_1_1_1 2488102808_1_1_1

These three dresses are basically Me In College, save for the bare-leg-no-shoe-sandal styling in the first one. So I suspect I will keep them all, assuming they fit.

I’ve not made much progress in updating the clothes database, but I am finding it really easy to get rid of things in the vacuum bags when I pick them up and wonder why I bothered to store them, rather than just donate from the beginning.


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