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Weekend, Monday

I sent back the other grey sweater dress to Nordstrom today. It was a very good dress and it fit nicely, but I did not need it and I guess I did not really want it because although it was weather and occasion-appropriate, I was not excited about choosing it from the closet, unlike the last couple of things I bought.

astr-knit-wrap-NordstromSo, for Saturday, when I had a business-casual but professional thing, I wore the recently-arrived olive knit wrap dress and tall boots. I need to sew a snap ribbon on the skirt flap for sitting down, but otherwise I really like how it looked and wore.

Today is supposed to have a record high temperature, after being nicely mild and crisp fall weather for a week or so. I’m wearing the polka dot cap sleeve dress and no jacket. Meeting a colleague for a drink after work.

Over the weekend, I made no progress on my muslin, but I finished my halloween prop gun (duct tape and OTC medication packaging, mostly). I’m happy with the costume, even though every time I look at it, I see where it’s not “right”. The fabric is very wrong. The color of the shorts is wrong (and I’ve made a shorts/mini combo).  The skirt of the over dress is single-layered, instead of being double-layered, in addition to being the extremely wrong fabric. I also think I’ve not cut the side high enough and–of course–I had to add a panel to the neckline make that better.

My boots are totally wrong, too. Although I have a pair of boots that are probably better, it’s not going to be cold enough for insulated footwear.

Anyway. I like it nonetheless.


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