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What I wear, when I wear it, and how it works on my bike

On Impulse

It’s beautiful cycling weather–more cyclists but fewer wanderers on the path. I need to get the snow bike tuned up and should probably get some gloves out of storage. I thought I had the right bag open, but I don’t remember seeing my light wool gloves.

compacts_besameI am resisting buying this beautiful promotional scarf because it’s such an impulse buy. But the compact is so gorgeous that I carry it all the time and so the scarf seems like a thing I need. Which is exactly what impulse buying is all about. And the plan right now is getting rid of things. So. I’m resisting.

In less successful resisting the impulse news, I picked up three new sweater dresses from Nordstrom: two different off-the-shoulder grey dresses and a green wrap dress. One of the grey dresses was much too small, despite the size guide and it’s going back. The other is still in my closet while I decide whether I like it enough to keep it.

This week at work, I’ve worn the Uniqlo ponte dress, the H&M pencil skirt, the Loft space dyed dress and my new faux leather jacket. I’m participating in a panel discussion this weekend and need to work out what to wear for that. I’ll figure it out. Question is do I take the bus or bike?




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