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Cooler weather, moths & what-not

The seasons have definitely changed. It’s not cold yet, but it’s consistently cooler and we’re having to think about what to do when it gets cold with regard to the moths. The caterpillars are much less likely to turn into moths in the winter and they will happily spend the winter eating our clothes until the spring happens and conditions are better for growing wings and mating.

Specifically this cat.

Specifically this cat.

I’ve decided to keep most of my clothes in mothballs or vacuum bags all winter, too. Because I was not careful and systematic when I first packed everything away, however, I don’t know what is in which bag or trunk. And, unfortunately, some bags were defective (or chewed by a cat who likes to chew plastic) and have not remained airtight. Also, I know I am going to get rid of things.

So I pulled four bags out of storage, unpacked them, picked some things to give away, picked some things to wear in the transitional months, inventoried the bags and repacked them. The bags which were fully vacuum-sealed showed no moth damage (I did not see any caterpillar carcasses either, which I did see in the moth ball trunks from the prior summer) and the one bag that was not showed some moth damage on a couple wool tanks/undershirts but I can’t honestly say whether they were undamaged/less damaged before storage.

I’ve been updating my database, too, partly because OpenOffice is going away and I’m transitioning to LibreOffice, but also because this moth thing will mean getting rid of some clothes (both damaged things and extraneous/unloved/poorly-fitting things). That’s going pretty slowly, honestly. There’s lots of other things I would rather do in my spare time.

cuttingtableI also set up my new (used) cutting table and started making a muslin this weekend. It’s great to have this table set up (even if it touches both walls in the room and I have to go through the bedroom and around through the hallway to get from one side of the table to the other!) and it’s nice to be using the sewing room again.



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