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Still Not Fall, Still Got Moths

ResidentEvilRedAliceI bought cheap ass clothes to alter into the red dress from the first Resident Evil. A really horrible janky polyester dress that is cut too low and has a side slit higher than the hip. It will do, although I’m not sure what to do about the bodice. If I shorten the straps to raise the neckline to a more accurate (and more comfortable) place, there will be no straps left. The skirt is too long, however, so I might just cut off the extra length and sew it into the neckline to make it work.

The purple mini skirt I bought (which has the most dreadful waistband I’ve ever seen and which is already falling apart) is both too long and too purple. I may try adding some red dye to it to make it more plum but I rather doubt it will take any dye at all. Once I shorten it, I will probably use the cut off pieces to make the bloomers I know are hiding under that skirt. AliceBloomersResidentEvil

My knee boots and leather jacket are all wrong but they will have to do because I’m not spending more money on a Halloween costume I likely won’t even wear. I did buy a toy blaster, which I’m going to spray paint and tape cardboard to, in order to approximate that weapon.

In other news, we have seen only three adult moths in the last week, but that is enough to convince us to look into exterminators. It’s on my to-do list but I have not done it.

As to what I’m wearing, pretty much what I was wearing last week.


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