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Why is August So Crowded

Friends launching new projects; family beach vacation; flooding basements; turning over tenants; preparing end of year fundraising for work; parties. There’s too much going on and I have nothing to wear.

LandEndShortSleeveFitFlareNavyRode Linus to work this morning–thunderstorms cooled everything off and the weather was sunny and cool–in the Lands End crossneck dress and my lovely ‘vogs.

Otherwise, I’m wearing the Icebreaker tank with a rotating cast of t-shirts or wraps or tank tops for social events and my leggings and t-shirts for hanging around the beach. I’ve been taking the train back and forth to the shore (just like my grandfather did!) and wearing the Lands End keyhole sundress to be respectable for that.

Still loving the Top Shop sandals I got at Nordstrom.TopShop Dart Sandal Still missing my Fluevog sandals. I know it’s been a year, but my calf gets achey still. Such is middle age.

Because of the flooding in the basement, I worked from home most of last week. Still, it’s wearing on me, not having access to most of my clothes.

I’m also getting anxious to start giving things away. I don’t really know how well I’ll do with that, but I’m looking forward to trying.



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