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More than a Week

Both, this whole moth abatement thing is dragging the blog down.

Let’s see. I ended up returning everything I bought at the NAS except a grey cotton cardigan (a summer-weight cardigan being a thing I’ve actually been reaching for in my closet and not finding for over a year) and the drape front faux leather jacket. The latter is not filling any wardrobe gap, but I love it.

Let’s see. I’ve ridden Linus to work a couple times since I last posted but mostly not because it’s just too humid. I’ve worn the Ureshii pencil skirt with kick panel; the H&M pencil skirt and the Ureshii Chiaki top; the Eileen Fisher t-shirt dress; the Icebreaker tank dress with various t-shirts; the Misook tank dress, the Lands End v-neck. Today, I’m in the Uniqlo seersucker dress. Basically, I’m cycling through the handful of things I’ve kept out to wear while we try to eradicate the moths.

We’re vacuuming all the time. Laying out moth traps. Keeping our textiles vacuum-sealed. It’s so boring.

Meanwhile, I have these two patterns and these fabrics waiting:

stripedpolyester Vogue5995 Vogue7674 EclipseFlowers



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