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Thursday, What a Day

We started at the emergency vet (everything is fine) and so I rode to work despite the heat and threatening thunderstorms. Took a shower at work (even though I had not brought a towel), rode home in the rain. I wore my wonderful Outlier pants, which are too hot for the summer and a tank top, changing into the Eddie Bauer button down at work.

Here are some of the things I bought at the Nordstrom Annual Sale:


Halogen sheath dress with seaming. I returned it because the waist sits much too low on me and because there is a two-way exposed zipper running the entire length of the back (I had not noticed it online, alas). It looks so tacky and cheap. I was disappointed. I had purchased it because the Halogen neoprene pencil skirt in burgundy was unflattering and I thought this might suit me better.

Karen Kane

Karen Kane faux wrap with a high neck. It was too short and fit awkwardly. It also went back.


I continue to love Trouve, although it’s really designed for skinny women with A-B cups (i.e., not me). I bought this in a size up and it still fits quite closely, with extra long sleeves. It’s supersoft. It needs a camisole so I bought a nude one with thick straps and good coverage.

Halogen Fit Flare

I’m still waiting for this dress to arrive. I hope it works out better than the other Halogen dress. Unfortunately, the open front jacket I wanted to buy to go with it was sold out. Perhaps I’ll get a cardigan from Uniqlo or Ureshii instead, assuming the dress suits.


The reviews of this jacket online are terrible (sizing and fit, mostly) but I bought it any way. It’s “faux leather” or “pleather” as we used to say. It also has not arrived, so it may not last, either.

Halogen Asym Zip

I anticipate this one not working out either, and it was more of an impulse than a reasoned purchase. I have a burgundy circle skirt–wool–in storage, hopefully not being eaten by moths.

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