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Wednesday, at home

Ladyhawke at Schubas tavern, June 28, 2016

Ladyhawke at Schubas tavern, June 28, 2016

We went out to a show at the local small tavern last night. I wore the Icebreaker tank dress with a black t-shirt, socks that have flowers embroidered on them and short boots.

Wednesday, I worked from home in my pyjamas. Then we took one of the cats to the vet to have his stitches removed. I wore the socks again, cause I love them, with the Eileen Fisher linen t-shirt dress.

Then I tissue-fitted the Butterick 4265. I’m not sure about the neckline (it felt really high and tight, not at all like the pattern illustration) and it will clearly be too tight through the hips, but I think it’s good in the bust.

True to form, the waist is too low, but I don’t think I’ll raise it.The waist is not structured–the dress is simply shaped by french darts in the front and contour darts in the back. Overall, it’s not very fitted, so having the pattern waist a little low should not be an issues, especially after I add width at the hip.

Butterick4265The front of the dress is cut on the fold, but the back is two pieces, joined at a center zipper. Research indicates I can just add some width at the side seam. I don’t think I’d need more than half an inch on each side (2 inches total) but I suspect I won’t need that much.

I’ll have to trace the pattern, to add the width, because I won’t want to tape anything to the original tissue. That’s good because it gives me something to do without fabric. But then, I’ll still need to muslin it, which will require fabric, which I can’t do until there are no moths. It’s frustrating, especially because I’ve chosen a plissé, and because I am so tired of the limited closet I have right now.

TuttiFruttiPlissePaisleyRoyalThe plissé is cotton/poly blend, blue and white.


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