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Weekend, So Hot

It was so hot this weekend, so hot. On Friday, I went to the Art Institute and the Chicago Architecture Foundation and lunch. I wore the Icebreaker tank dress and a white t-shirt.

4b89fd2aa252f6b5bbe7a3374e5c77e8We saw The Cure at night, so I took off the t-shirt and swapped my sandals for the Fluevog boots.

Saturday, we had dinner with friends, who were going to the Saturday night show. I wore the Betabrand black seersucker dress and my rhinestone crocodile bracelet.

Sunday, we stayed in. I learned a new way to finish armholes and collars with bias tape which I rather like. Now the Advance dress needs just a hem and it can be washed for fear of moths, then worn.

This weekend’s vacuum & shake dislodged a number of increasingly small adult moths and one very bold asshole caterpillar:




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