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We did more moth abatement–we’re seeing tons of adult moths in the traps and fewer crawling around. I’m not at all optimistic and very very tired of this.

AdvanceStyle2753ZipperI found a sewing project I had missed in cleaning out my sewing room–the nearly finished Advance (Style) 2753 with the sleeve that just won’t fit. I inserted the zipper, which went pretty well, although not perfectly. Because the sleeve is awful, I’m going to leave it sleeveless but I did not have any appropriate seam binding; also the remaining fabric is sealed away from moths. So I did not finish the armholes (I’ll pick up some seam binding) or hem the dress.

I also added a ribbon lace-up back to my sister’s prom dress. The dress was on its way out of the house when a friend said “hey, [Other Friend] is hosting an 80’s prom night at the end of the month–if it still fits, you might wait until the end of the month to get rid of it.” Well, it mostly fits–it zips to about the bottom of my rib cage. I sewed ribbon loops along the zipper to hold it closed and called it a day.

It’s frothy and pink and I can’t imagine my sister liked it at the time, but I guess she did.

I went out for sidewalk coffee on Friday in the Lands End sundress I left out for the summer. I wore it again for errands on Saturday.



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