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Weekend, Long

We spent most of the weekend wrapping up the moth remediation. I swear if one more person posts “Cedar!” at me when I’m talking about it, I’m going to scream. There is minimal evidence that cedar, lavender or other “natural” products even repel clothes moths and none that they kill the larva, which is what destroys textiles. Pesticides, fumigation with dry ice and laundering at over 120 degrees Fahrenheit (or dry cleaning) is what kills the larva. Brushing in bright sunlight and vacuuming will remove the larva/eggs, while storage in air-tight, vaccum bags can help control or stop an infestation. The caterpillars can remain caterpillars (not turn into moths) for up to 2 1/2 years.

Cedar makes your clothes smell nice (if you like cedar) but it will not prevent clothes moth larvae from eating through your favorite cashmere sweater or your vintage St John wools.

BlueSilkSundressSo it was more laundry, more vaccuming, more brushing, more dry cleaning and more packing and sealing away all of our textiles. We saw several adult moths over the weekend and I found more forgotten fabric stashes, including a nearly completed baby quilt and two silk sundresses which are nearly finished: a red one and a blue one.

red silkI can’t remember what pattern either dress was was from and I  made a complete wreck of the red dress, attaching a lining in the worst random made-up way and trying to hem the neckline and armholes, instead of using facings.  I thought the red dress was Butterick 3022, but looking at it more closely, I’m not so sure. I also thought the blue dress might have been Vogue 8099–because I remember making that pattern and liking it–but it does not quite look right at the side panels and the neck.

At any rate, the dresses have gone into moth-larva-killing storage until the fall at the earliest. With almost all of my clothes. And all my fabrics. But not my wigs, since I don’t trust the fibers with the pesticide because it can melt some plastics. Sigh.

TopShop Dart SandalWe did get out of the house. I had lunch on Friday with my sister downtown (in the Eileen Fisher linen blend t-shirt dress). I tried on a bunch of sandals (having discovered that the around-the-back-of-my-foot-strap my flat-ish sandals does not stay up) but had no luck in the store. So I ordered a pair from Nordstrom which hopefully will work. We spent some time in the yard, sitting at the picnic table, and on Monday we had cocktails on the terrace of a restaurant across the street (I wore the Kuhl sundress with a white t-shirt over it). It was not an action-packed long weekend, but we enjoyed ourselves.





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