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Weekend, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Moths.

zaraLElongdressMore moth abatement. I fiddled with a tiara to make it stay on my head, as my hair is not up to the task of supporting a tiara. I fiddled with a Zara dress to make it fit me. I had intended to cut off the halter to make a skirt (I’m so short/high waisted, that this fit me really weird) but in the end, I just removed the granny panties (which 1. could not be made to fit 2. required you to take off the whole dress to use the toilet) and shortened the straps.

I’ll either wear a slip or mini skirt or maybe bike shorts under it. I have not yet decided.

Nau decypherWe also had lunch with a friend. The weather is still getting warm and then getting quite cold and I did a poor job planning which clothes to leave out and which to store away for the Moth Abatement. I wore leggings and the Icebreaker tank dress with a skinny long sleeve grey t-shirt for hanging around the house. Fortunately, one of the wool viscose all purpose wrap scarves missed the vacuum-bagging, so I was not too cold walking over to lunch because all my warm coats are packed away.

Sunday was almost entirely moth and moth-adjacent chores. And me being peevish. The polka dot leggings I’ve been wearing around the house all week ripped when I caught them on some closet hardware. Lots of clothes and textile scraps of varying potential utility ended up in the dumpster.


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