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Wednesday, Moths & Thursday, Humid

Rode Linus today. It was humid and gross, but not hot and not crowded.

I wore the Misook pencil skirt and the Elizabeth & Clarke unstainable t-shirt, which–frankly–is too large and a little sheer. The problem with these technical fabrics, too, is that they are hot, so in the summer (or the humidity!) the last thing in the world I want is another layer. Of course, I like the shirt enough to consider buying a new one in a better size because the cut is good and the shirt is generally nice.

In other news, I boxed up my hats for moth balls Wednesday night and discovered that the hat box with my mother’s mink hat was literally swarming with moths. The hat is quite destroyed, unfortunately. I had checked everything for moth sign regularly all winter, but that’s when moths are dormant, and they exploded in the hat box between checks. I’m sad to have lost the hat (and still slightly grossed out by the sight) but hopeful that we’ve eliminated an important vector in the infestation.


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