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Monday, I did this all wrong

UreshiiLoveLetterDetailCropSo today is the first day of getting dressed and going to work with most of my clothes in anti-moth storage. I did not think this through as well as I should have and had some trouble getting dressed this morning. I am just going to muddle through, however, and not go crazy buying things or trying to find things and extract just one shirt from the vacuum bags,

I’m in the Misook slim leg pants that I bought from eBay because they are not in stock in any store in the world. They are comfy and fit fine, but I spent half an hour trying to clothe my top half. There are only short-sleeved shirts in the closet and no cardigans but it’s still mid-50’s. I’ve started a spreadsheet of which clothes I would have put on, had they been available, just to help sort the wheat from the chaff at the end of the road. I ended up wearing the new Ureshii top–trying so hard not to order more.

I’m giving blood today–so I’m not on Linus (I’ve been forbidden by my doctor from riding home on days I give blood). Hope my iron levels are sufficient!


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