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Tuesday, Grey and Grey

There was a brief wild thunderstorm last night and it became cool and grey today. I rode Linus, even though I have definitely back-slid on the calf injury. There was a tailwind in the morning, and construction, and bulldozers on the beach.

Everything I pulled out of the closet this morning annoyed me and I ended up in the grey NYDJ pants (which, of course, I hemmed too short and are annoying), the long grey cheap-ass t-shirt and the Uniqlo merino crewneck in navy. At least it’s all comfortable.

Even though I can’t use the sewing room right now, I’ve picked up a few more patterns: two Vogues I’m interested in partly for framing the sleeves.

V7800 Vogue6399


But I’m think I’m going to really enjoy 7800, if I can get the gathers to work, even though it’s not my best style (there’s no shaping through the waist, unless you count the self-belt, which I don’t really). The pattern suggests “soft fabrics, such as broadcloth, synthetic mixtures, knits, doubleknits, surah“–the pattern is copyright 1971, which means knit and double-knit are quite different from 2016 versions. I think a rayon twill, to stand in for the surah, is the best choice. Something with a nice print, I think, from Mood, something worth spending a little extra on.

I ordered some swatches:

AquaCottonTwill charcoalgreystripesilktwill duskbluecarobbrownlycratwill LibertyLagos MarzipanblackWoven


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