Catalogue of Sorts

What I wear, when I wear it, and how it works on my bike


I was busy and now I’m trying to remember what I wore.

FluevogDanniWe went out on Friday and I wore the Leith hobble skirt and a knitted wrap. I wanted to wear the wonderful Fluevog Danni, but the calf is not feeling right, so I wore something else on my feet.

On Saturday, we went to lunch and I definitely wore the new leggings with the “motorcycle knee patches” but can’t for the life of me remember what I wore as a shirt or dress with it.

On Sunday, we just took a little walk around the neighborhood and I wore an H&M dress with leggings and chucks.

We’re entering a new exciting level of moth abatement: washing/dry cleaning every bit of textile in the house, sealing most of it in vacuum-bags while putting the rest into bins with mothballs. We’ll keep out towels and a week’s worth of clothes and see how long we can go before unpacking everything again.

We’ll have to vacuum the cat trees, repeatedly. And the carpets (fortunately, most of the house is not carpeted). But we’re really reaching wit’s end territory here–I just found a caterpillar in my socks.


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