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Monday, Tailwinds, Geese and Water Rescue

Over the weekend, we had a nearly 20 degree drop in temperature in ten minutes. The weather was alternately snowy and sunny and wind, wind, wind. It was still cold this morning, but no more snow and rain.

Rode Linus this morning on a more deserted Lakefront. The Lake is wild today. The wind and shifting temperatures has it in a froth, crashing against the breakwaters and swamping over the path. As I came over the harbor toward the new path configuration, there were fire trucks, ambulances and police SUVs spilling onto the trail. I can only assume someone was in the water. I could see the lights from the rescue boat launch, over a mile away. It passed me as I got closer to my office. Perhaps it was a drill but I think not–the drills are usually staged further south.

It’s pretty cold and I’m under-dressed in the burgundy NYDJ jeans and the H&M acrylic black crewneck sweater.



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