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Monday, Out of the House

I spent last week sick. I worked from the easy chair in the sewing room for part of it and spent a lot of it in bed, watching Columbo and finally figuring out Cities and Skylines. I was supposed to go out Thursday and then Saturday, but one day I was just too tired and the other I was relapsing.

orchard_mirror_lights_out_silver_rumbatimeIt was tough to leave the house for work this morning, especially because a late event downtown meant I would not be riding my bike. But I think my leg is finally healed enough to wear a real heel (I’ve worn some 1-1.5 inch heels since the tear, but not for a whole day and not when I’d be walking to and from transit). I debuted the other pair of Fluevog winnings: the Elegant Conversations Danni (I still have more winnings to spend! yay!) with a 3.5 heel. It went okay but I am out of practice.

I wore the Misook suit with white trim and that floppy collar is driving me nuts. I’m going to take a needle and thread to it and tack it down. I also wore one of my new watches: the Rumba orchard mirror.



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