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Thursday, Wrong Wrong Wrong

Knit details.

Knit details.

It’s cold and I was not dressed well–I could not find where I left my glove liners and although I have a wool cami, my shirt (and thus sleeves) are just polyester and cold. I had my wool tights (Wolford which are pretty and comfortable, but not as warm as Smartwool or the Nordstrom brand ones) and my Icebreaker knickers, but I was still cold. I think it was windy, too, because I was so slow.

I’m wearing the St. John full skirt with the H&M layering turtleneck and an ancient (like, from college, maybe? or high school, even) grey sleeveless sweater over it.

I plan to change before going out with friends tonight–into the ribbed leggings and a variety of layering tops.


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