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Monday, Flurries

I checked the weather before getting up–there were supposed to be negligible flurries midday and at the end of the day. I planned to ride Linus, as I let my snow bike descend into disrepair. But by the time I was dressed, there was a small accumulation, so I took Divvy bikeshare.

It’s a bit slower because I have to walk about a half mile to the first dock–and I swap bikes midday to stay within the time limit–but it’s solid for the slippery and I like riding in flurries. Of course, it had stopped snowing by the time I got to the first dock and pulled a bike.

mothsI’m wearing the Outlier (so sad, they’ve stopped making women’s clothes) pants and a Trouvé sweater (the grey one) and the one wool undershirt most eaten by moths.

We had dinner at a local vegan chain and then went to a friend’s stand-up event. I changed into a different Trouvé sweater (the black one) and the Leith hobble skirt. We walked in the snow and had a good time.



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