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Thursday, Where Did the Week Go?

Well, I went out Saturday (Icebreaker tank dress, leggings and the Trouve coated black sweater); stayed in on Sunday. Had a holiday Monday. Was at work briefly on Tuesday; went to a conference on Wednesday (H&M speckled pencil skirt, black wool crewneck sweater) and have meetings all day today which leave me inconveniently nowhere my bike at the end of the day (so I rode the bus in my NYDJ pants, Uniqlo navy crewneck sweater).

NeimanMarcusToteI’ve been carrying my giant tote from Nieman Marcus everywhere this week. It’s giant and it has no internal pockets to speak of, so it’s not entirely convenient, but my ankle-length hooded wool Dark Lord of the Sith overcoat fits inside (if there’s not much more than my wallet and make-up pouch full of lipstick, tissues and ibuprofen) along with the various scarves, gloves and hats I find necessary in 10 degree weather when I’m walking. not riding. So it’s pretty awesome for not worrying that my coat is crumpled on the floor.


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