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Wednesday, Day Off

vague instructionsI had the day off, again. How nice for me! I started work on the vintage cape pattern in faux leopard finally. I’ve decided on the mail-order pattern with the welted arm openings and collar. I’m a little apprehensive about both those features as the pattern instructions are vague at best. If you’re at all familiar with how pattern booklets are shaped, the full set of instructions for the cape take up only the bottom quarter of the booklet unfolded. It’s like 8 steps for the entire construction–whereas modern patterns would probably have 8 steps alone for the welts. I’m sure I’ll figure it out (I think both Colette and Gertie have good welt tutorials) but it’s going to take at least one practice run. I also anticipate the collar taxing the limits of my spatial-relations thinking.

layoutI cut out the main pattern pieces, as well as the interfacing, but did not cut the lining yet. I had other things to do around the house and we met a friend (whom we had not seen in too long!) for dinner. I wore the Eileen Fisher grey dress and the witch head nebula scarf. It’s so vibrantly colored, which is unusual for things that I’m wearing, but since most of my clothes are black or grey, it works.

I’m looking forward to working on the cape over the long weekend. It’s definitely a silly piece to have, but I already love it.



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